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14 January 2016: Regions Workshop

Your Region - Adding Value

Your CIBSE Region offers excellent value for money.

HCNW Region (directly) cost just £6.74 per HCNW Region Member, per year.

Yet HCNW Region's volunteers delivered 28 wide ranging events.

Wide ranging ? The key to engaging more members and the wider public is variety. Seminars about the future, innovation and technological challenges; the regular technical topics, several career support events, site visits, we provided region identity, prizes, sustained your networking community. Some HCNW Members, via our raffled dinner prizes, were introduced to another community - they became members of the Rumford Club.

We have another engagement survey, with raffled prizes, five Rumford Club dinner tickets:

HCNW attendance is growing steadily. We're approaching 500 contacts and the Region attracts about 11% general public bookings. But most of all:

HCNW achieved an impressive 755 bookings in 2015.

And on 14 January, HCNW was actively engaged in the Regions Workshop. Your Region delivered two similar ideas about how communication can add value to the profile of individual members and, like the lift of many individual floats, raise the profile of building services engineers and CIBSE as an institution.

How might we sum up personal value and bond a whole institution though ? Well, two similar ideas were launched: a set of "ideals" (Rashmi Patel HCNW) or, similarly, a set of "values" (Chris Jones HCNW):


It's early days yet, these are just sketchy ideas and just one of several interesting proposals raised by many Regions at the Workshop - a vast resource of creative talent.