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21 December 2015: CIBSE Regions

Regions Manual Review

There is an ongoing review of the (2012) Regions Manual. Some aspects relate to the larger matter of governance, which is also under review. 

HCNW has therefore proposed new, additional sections for the Regions Manual which might be adopted in the review, which are briefly described here:

Capacity and Representation
This section notes that every CIBSE Member is represented by a Region. There are no exceptions, and in this way, Region Committees represent CIBSE Members. Regions could be actively involved in collective decisions, as well as serving the membership with inspiring events for personal development. 

Diversity and Inclusivity
In essence, Regions can develop a culture which nurtures the best outcomes for everyone.    

Expenses policy
An administrative need - principles for re-imbursing regional volunteers. 

Integrity, accountability, democracy and recognition
In essence, a good proportion of the membership know the Institution, on a person-to-person basis, through the Regions - through regional volunteers. They have distinct, in fact elected, roles and responsibilities within CIBSE, which recognises their service to the Institution.