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23 September 2015: Building Regulations in MK

Building Regulations - in Milton Keynes

HCNW's diverse audience of SME contractors, contractors and consultants was pleased to welcome Ant Wilson for this repeat showing - a practical guide to Building Regulations around the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire.


These contrasting, localised approaches became very clear, alongside some national strategic policy aspects affecting the content of the regulations. The modest 6% emissions reduction (on new stock only in the most recent changes) and recent policy shifts have raised questions about the future and how 'overheating' of well-insulated domestic buildings has led to an apparent 'pause' in developing the Building Regulations for England.

Ant's full presentation can be found in HCNW Past Presentations. Variations in results between models, variability of results for different building forms compared to the 'notional building' were discussed. And as explored at Berkhamstead EQP, weak inspection regimes and failures to meet certified performance found during air testing - or simply by looking at energy bills - all came under the spotlight. Once again, while Building Regulations may progress within the limits of what can be reliably constructed as-new, the major question arose about the existing building stock. HCNW has a future panel debate "The Re-union" revisiting one we ran in April 2013 about the Green Deal.