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North East Past Presentations

14th Jan 2020 - Mining for Heat, Dr Charlotte Adams

Slides from the event CIBSE-low-res-(1).pdf

2nd April 2019 - People, Which domestic water sizing method is best?, Jess Tindall

Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-April-2019-Oversizing-DCWS-Master-190402


13th February 2019 - Expert Witness Disputes, Gerry Brannigan

Slides from the event CIBSE-North-East-Expert-Witness-Disputes-Gerry-Brannigan-HKA

6th December 2018 - People, Places and Projects, Ant Wislon

Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-6-12-18PPP

25th September 2018 - Near future building perforamcne prediction and long-term climate cnahge adaptation for building, Dr Hu Du

Slides from the event Hu-DU,-Cardiff-University-CIBSE-at-NCL.pdf

10th April 2018 - Clean Growth, Carbon Emissions and Brexit - Dr Hywel Davies

Slides from the event here.

9th February 2018 - Heat pumps and their role in the decarbonising of heat - Prof. Chris Underwood

Professor of Energy Modelling for the Built Environment, Faculty of Engineering & Environment, University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Slides from the event here.

7th February 2017 - Behavioural Change in Building Users - Gareth Kane

Gareth Kane presented on different approaches to tackling behavioural change in buildings.

Slides from the event are not available.

24th January 2017 - Shale Gas and Oil: Reality, Hope or Hype? - Andy Aplin

Andy Aplin of Durham University presented an update on the current UK situation in relation to shale gas extraction.

Slides from the event are attached below.


18th October 2016 - Thermography Principles and Limitations - Mohammad Royapoor

Mohammad Royapoor of Newcastle University presented on the topic of thermography and it's limitations.

Slides from the event are attached below.


27th September 2016 - Energy Policy Overview - Ant Wilson

Ant Wilson of AECOM presented an overview of national and international energy policy.

Slides from the event are attached below.