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SLL celebrates the lighting community at annual Awards

On 23 May 2019, the Society of Light and Lighting was joined by its Members and those from the wider lighting community at St. Martin in the Fields to celebrate the SLL Awards and Presidential Address.

This year, the Society’s Awards began with a brief talk from Henrik Clausen, Director of the Fagerhult Lighting Academy and former colleague and friend of newly appointed SLL President, Jim Shove.

Henrik Clausen delivers talk at SLL AGM, Awards & Presidential Address 2019

With humorous references to ‘flat Earthers’ and ‘face-palmy’ results gleaned from surveys asking basic questions, Henrik alluded to a climate of misinformation. In particular, he spoke of a current lack of clarity in relation to ‘human centric lighting (HCL).’ However, Henrik is optimistic about the ongoing work of the CIE and the IES in relation to developing guidelines on the planning, installation and commissioning of a HCL design.
Referencing one of Barack Obama’s mantras, ‘Be kind, be useful, be honest,’ Henrik congratulated Jim on his presidency and in possessing all three of these attributes.

SLL President Elect Bob Bohannon introduces the Society's annual Awards

Newly appointed President Elect, Bob Bohannon then introduced the first of the Society’s awards. Recognising the support of the Society’s Sponsors in Partnership, Bob invited Les Thomas from Fagerhult, Richard Caple from Thorlux, Roger Sexton from Xicato and Sophie Parry from Zumtobel to collect certificates on behalf of their respective organisations. The SLL Sponsors in Partnership contribute to the annual LightBytes (formerly Masterclass) series, delivering peer reviewed CPD events around the UK and Ireland. The Society’s Sustaining Member organisations were also recognised and thanked. Their support enables the SLL to run events such as Ready Steady Light and the Young Lighter competition.

Les Thomas (left), Richard Caple (left of centre), Roger Sexton (centre), Sophie Parry (right of centre), Immediate Past President Iain Carlile (right)

Each year, students who passed the Lighting Education Trust’s (LET), Lighting Design diploma are awarded their certificate for passing the two year, distance learning course. Chair of the LET Management committee, Bob Venning presented some of the most recent graduates with their diploma certificates, including Vlad Oltean, Anna Szot and SLL Coordinator, Juliet Rennie.

Whilst the review panel are close to reaching a decision, they were not able to confirm the 2019 recipient of the Jean Heap Research bursary at this point. However, 2018 recipient Amir Nezamdoost sent a video presentation of his final research report, based on his ongoing research paper, Proposing a new manual blind control algorithm for annual daylight analysis. The full report and video will be published online in the coming weeks.

Each year, the Leon Gaster and Walsh-Weston Awards are given in recognition of the two best research papers published in Lighting Research & Technology journal. Awarded for the best paper concerned with lighting applications and recognising the role that Leon Gaster played as the founder of the Illuminating Engneering Society in 1909, the Leon Gaster Award was given for Mariana Figueiro, R Nagare and LLA Price for their paper, Non-visual effects of light: How to use light to promote circadian entrainment and elicit alertness. The paper was published in Lighting Research and Technology Volume 50, Edition 1.

The Walsh–Weston award is for the best paper focusing on fundamental lighting matters. It recognises the roles of J W T Walsh, who was instrumental in developing the systems of photometry we use today and H C Weston, who worked in the area of illumination leading to the first IES task illuminance recommendations. The 2019 Walsh-Weston Award has been given for: Mariska Stokkermans, I Vogels, Y de Kort and I Heynderickx for their paper, Relation between the perceived atmosphere of a lit environment and perceptual attributes of light. The paper was published in Lighting Research and Technology Volume 50, Edition 8.

Luke Price collects the Leon Gaster and Walsh Weston Awards for 2018

The Regional Award is presented in recognition of the work undertaken by an individual on behalf of the Society in the regions. This year’s award was given to SLL Regional Representative for the West Midlands, Sonia Pepperell, with a citation written and delivered by SLL Past President, Richard Caple. Richard praised Sonia commitment and enthusiasm in delivering a full programme of excellent lighting presentations within the West Midlands Region.

Sonia Pepperell receives the SLL Regional Award 2018

The Lighting Award is given to acknowledge outstanding service to the Society and the recipient of this year’s award is Chair of the SLL Technical & Publications committee, Simon Robinson. Simon’s citation was written and delivered by former Chair of the committee and SLL Past President, Paul Ruffles. Simon has made an outstanding contribution, not only to the Society but to the wider building services industry as a Fellow of the IET, the IMechE and CIBSE. He is also the author of the updated LG7: Offices and LG17: Lighting for Retail Premises, as well as contributing to a number of other SLL and CIBSE publications.

Simon Robinson receives the SLL Lighting Award for 2018

Honorary Fellowship of the Society is given not only in recognition of a significant contribution to the SLL, but also the wider lighting profession. The Society was delighted to present past president, Barrie Wilde with Honorary Fellowship. Barrie’s citation was written and delivered by President Elect, Bob Bohannon. Bob provided an overview of Barrie’s impressive career, with notable projects including the ground breaking Bentall Centre in Kingston upon Thames and the CAA’s major air traffic control centre at Swanick.  Bob also focused on Barrie’s ongoing contribution to lighting education and the profoundly positive influence that he has had on so many within the industry, using Barrie’s own mantra ‘I, E, D’;

“He inspired his students and team members, he engaged with pupils, colleagues and clients alike but, to truly help those students, in the nuance practice of lighting design, you need to direct them on the route to take.”

Barrie Wilde received Honorary Fellowship of the Society

The SLL President’s Medal was first awarded to Joe Lynes in 2009, it recognises a significant and lifelong contribution to lighting and this year’s recipient is Graham Large. Graham’s citation was written by Theo Paradise-Hirst and delivered by Kevin Theobald on his behalf.

Graham Large receives the SLL Presidents Medal for 2018

Whilst the Awards would normally draw to a close following the presentation of the President’s Medal, the Society felt it important to recognise one further individual for his astounding efforts in leading the review and rewrite of the SLL Lighting Handbook, along with his ongoing contribution to the industry. Having already received all of the awards and honours that the Society gives, Paul Ruffles was presented with a commemorative framed photograph, surrounded by quotes from senior members of the Society, in praise of his work.

Paul Ruffles receives an extraordinary award for his work on the SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Bob Bohannon concluded the awards, inviting Jim Shove to deliver his inaugural address as President of the Society of Light and Lighting.