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CIBSE Draft Standards Comment Hub

CIBSE is invited to comment on a wide range of draft British, European and International Standards. The standards accessible on this page are currently open for comment.

To contribute to the CIBSE response please download the draft and the comment template from the indvidual draft standard pages at the end of this page.

Comments must be submitted to CIBSE on the template – we must use this to submit our comments and we do not have the resource to enter free text comments into the template.

Comments should be constructive, should identify the specific cause for the concern and comment clearly and ideally offer an alternative to the current drafting. Comments that identify a list of problems or dislikes with no practical proposals to remedy them will be unlikely to be acted on. Please send completed comments to [email protected]
Under the rules of European Standards bodies any standard adopted by CEN must normally be adopted as a full British Standard. International Standards are given a significant status in international trade and co-operation agreements and so will assume greater significance for the UK in future. BSI will usually adopt a new International Standard as a British Standard unless there is a good reason not to do so.

Currently out for comment

There are currently no standards open for comment.

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