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Consultations are intended to involve people in the decision-making process and enable them to shape policy and regulations.  They are a key step in the development of policy and CIBSE takes a keen interest in consultations relevant to building services engineering.

This page gives you an opportunity to get involved in current consultations and have your say in how CIBSE responds to them.

Benefits of getting involved

Consultations are an integral part of the policy-making process. They aim to help make policies and regulations more effective by considering the interests of affected parties, fostering informed debate and revealing the costs and benefits of different regulatory options. The Building Safety Act requires consultation with key stakeholders before certain regulations and decisions may be made.

  • By contributing to the CIBSE response to consultations you can express your views and make an input into the decision-making process;
  • By submitting evidence, research and real-life experiences you can help to make Government aware of the potential impact of its policy proposals;
  • Reading and responding to consultations can help you keep up to date with national policies, and can give you helpful context for carrying out your work. Some consultations address potential changes to legislation. Sme policies may propose new funding mechanisms that you or your organisation may benefit from.

CIBSE's role in responding to consultations

The Government is likely to pay more attention to responses from groups and organisations than to responses from individuals. CIBSE speaks for the building services profession and responds to consultations on matters relating to construction, engineering and sustainability.

The Institution is represented on major bodies and organisations which govern the construction and engineering occupations in the UK and worldwide, and responses submitted by the Institution help the Government to understand how widely and strongly views on a particular policy are held.

To read CIBSE responses to past consultations go to the closed consultations page.

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