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CIBSE and DESNZ partner to make CP1 (2020) Free-to-All: A landmark move for UK Heat Network Standards
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CIBSE and DESNZ partner to make CP1 (2020) Free-to-All: A landmark move for UK Heat Network Standards

13 May 24

In a ground-breaking move towards advancing technical standards within the UK's heat network sector, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) have joined forces. Their collaboration has resulted in the release of CP1 (2020), the esteemed Code of Practice for heat networks, as a free resource for all stakeholders.

CP1 (2020) serves as a vital repository of technical guidance, delineating voluntary minimum standards for heat networks across the UK. Following its latest update in 2020, CP1 has emerged as the cornerstone for regulatory standards embraced by the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme (HNTAS).

Historically, CP1 garnered widespread acclaim within the industry, earning recognition as the go-to technical publication. However, its accessibility was restricted to CIBSE members, leaving many stakeholders without access to its invaluable insights. Recognising the imperative of democratising access to crucial standards, CIBSE and DESNZ have dismantled the paywall, making CP1 (2020) freely available to all.

Moreover, this partnership signifies a commitment to continuous improvement and alignment with evolving regulatory frameworks. DESNZ is actively collaborating with CIBSE to enhance and update the Code of Practice throughout 2024. This endeavour aims to ensure seamless harmony with the regulatory technical requirements under development for HNTAS. The forthcoming version of CP1, slated for release in 2025, will be accessible to all stakeholders, embodying a spirit of inclusivity and progress.

CIBSE’s Technical Director, Dr Anastasia Mylona said about this partnership: "We're excited to partner with DESNZ to offer CP1 (2020) free to all stakeholders. This vital guide sets standards for UK heat networks, promoting industry preparedness for upcoming regulations. It reflects our commitment to advancing best practices and sustainability."

This alliance between CIBSE and DESNZ not only heralds a new era of accessibility and collaboration but also underscores the pivotal role of technical standards in driving industry progress. By making CP1 (2020) freely available, CIBSE and DESNZ are championing inclusivity, innovation and excellence within the UK's heat network sector, setting a precedent for transformative change and industry leadership.

For more information and to access CP1 (2020), please visit: 

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