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How to Join

The Society offers a range of classes of membership designed to recognise members’ qualifications and experience in light and lighting. Details of the requirements for the various classes are given below. There are separate forms for those applying for membership and for those transferring from one class to another.

When you apply for membership, you will be accepted initially as an Affiliate or a Student member of the Society. If you are applying for a higher class, you will receive all the benefits of membership while your application is considered.
Some candidates will qualify by means of the “experience” routes and come from a wide range of backgrounds, so it will not be simple to assess applications and the Membership Panel reserves the right to interview any candidate. The acceptable criteria listed in these guidance notes are not intended to be exhaustive but to guide applicants on the type of information that will assist the Membership Panel in its assessments.

All new members of the Society will also automatically become members of CIBSE in the Affiliate or Student grades which have no specific qualification/experience requirements. If you wish to be a member of CIBSE in a grade other than Affiliate or Student, please contact the Institution’s membership department for the relevant forms. If you are already a member of CIBSE, you will retain your existing CIBSE grade upon joining the Society but your class of Society membership will be based on your qualifications and experience in light and lighting, not on your CIBSE grade.

All candidates should also show evidence of a commitment to continuing professional development.

NOTE: The period of relevant experience in light and lighting may be aggregated over a period, eg five years @ 50% plus three years @ 67% plus half a year @ 100% aggregates to five years full time – please show percentage of lighting work on application form where relevant.