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Mechanical (HVAC) Courses

Mechanical services are at the centre of a building's internal environment and environmental impact. To enable you to take an active part in the design, installation or operation of these services you should both understand the principles and be able to apply technologies.

Mechanical Services Explained – 3 Days

Live Online | Days: 3 | CPD hours: 18

The course will introduce many building engineering systems from water supply, plumbing and drainage, through heating and ventilation systems to more complex systems for air conditioning. It will emphasise the relative merits of different systems and explain the context of current regulatory and professional practice related both to design and maintenance.

Mechanical Services Overview

Online Core Engineering | Sessions: 4 | CPD hours: 4

The course will cover the principles of design and loading calculations for mechanical services, as well as the influence carbon reduction and sustainability has on the selection of plant and systems. 

Practical Controls for HVAC Systems

Online Core Engineering | Sessions: 4 | CPD hours: 4

This course concentrates on achieving the deliverable rather than explaining control theory. How do we control different systems? What are we trying to achieve? What equipment is used and how does it work? Suitable for all engineers involved in the design and maintenance of HVAC systems.

Gas Safety Regulations (Designing for Compliance)

Online Core Engineering | Sessions: 4 | CPD hours: 4

This course will provide basic information on designing gas installations and installing appliances to comply with the current (1995) Regulations, but will not cover specialist aspects of design and installation.

Introduction to Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Covering all aspects of CHP including mini CHP, specifications, engineering recommendation G59, quality assurance for CHP (CHPQA), the climate change levy (CCL) and other regulatory issues. Aimed at engineers who wish to gain a thorough insight into CHP.

Introduction to Heat Networks and Code of Practice

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This is a one day course aimed at providing an introduction to Heat Networks and the CoP for those who are involved in developing Heat Networks and those using or specifying the CoP.

Designing Water Efficient Hot & Cold Supplies

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

Over the last decade water efficiency has become mandatory, BS 6700 has been replaced, and there have been significant technological changes affecting the design of water supply systems in commercial and residential buildings. This course provides guidance on the essential design considerations for water and energy efficient systems.


Air Conditioning Systems and Cooling Systems

Live Online | Days: 1 | CPD hours: 6

This course introduces the fundamental principles of refrigeration systems and considers the optimisation of these systems for the purpose of energy efficiency. Designed for those with limited experience in this field, who wish to further their understanding of cooling systems, their component parts and their operation. Frequently encountered problems and their associated solutions are examined and explained with illustrated examples.



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