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Accreditation of New Programmes

CIBSE is licensed by the Engineering Council to accredit academic programmes from universities and colleges that drive young engineers toward professional registration as a Chartered or Incorporated Engineer.

We can award a maximum of five years’ accreditation under the Engineering Council's Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes (AHEP).

First step to accreditation

If you are seeking to accredit a new programme, please download our Accreditation Guidance and contact CIBSE Membership in the first instance. 

You will be asked to submit details of your new programme(s) for initial consideration by the Accreditation Panel. The Panel will consider all new programmes on a case-by-case basis, and upon initial review will confirm the appropriate route to achieving accreditation. 

Once the Panel have confirmed you can proceed with your application, you'll be asked to schedule a mutually convenient date for a visit and prepare a Main Submission along with accompanying documentation. The submission will be due eight weeks before the scheduled visit.

Accreditation fee

Please contact [email protected] for information on the fee for accreditation. 

The visit

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, our accreditation visits are currently being conducted virtually.

For visits conducted within the UK, our accreditation team will spend up to two days with you and your staff, assessing your programmes, facilities and laboratories and talking to your students.

After the visit

The Visiting Panel complete an accreditation report, which is presented to the CIBSE Accreditation Panel at their next meeting. The Panel review the report and consider the Visiting Panel's recommendation of accreditation. You will be informed of the outcome following the Panel meeting. A timeline will be communicated during your visit.

Please note all CIBSE accredited programmes are required to implement the AHEP 4 learning outcomes by 31 August 2024

Accreditation guidance

Information on CIBSE's accreditation of academic programmes can be found in our guidance documentation

This document has been updated in accordance with the Engineering Council's fourth edition of AHEP.

Download guidance
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Ready to apply?

For more information and to arrange an accreditation visit, email CIBSE Membership at [email protected]

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