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CIBSE Training Sustainability

CIBSE has a Sustainability Policy which lays out seven areas of activity which is actively working to improve on:

  1. Energy and water
  2. Resources
  3. Travel and transport
  4. Procurement
  5. Biodiversity
  6. Health and wellbeing
  7. Training, awareness, and communication

What is CIBSE Training doing?

Since early 2020, all course materials and CPD certificates are provided online through a secure system, providing key knowledge and resources for all our delegates.
After a user has been marked as attended on the course, materials can be accessed at any given time via the link provided by CIBSE. *

Travel and transport
More flexible training options are now being offered online. Browse now.

The team work with our sub-contractors and suppliers to improve our performance.

Training, awareness, and communication
CIBSE Training provides employee awareness and training on sustainability issues.


*If the user has strict fire walls in their company, you will need to have our e-mail cleared with their IT, prior to training date.


If you have any questions regarding the steps CIBSE Training is taking, please email [email protected].

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