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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Employer/Training Provider

Readiness for the Gateway is determined by the Employer in consultation with the Training Provider. The apprentice will need to demonstrate the satisfactory completion of all aspects of their apprenticeship before they can undertake the EPA. The minimum requirements are set out in the respective EPA guidelines.

Requirements include:

  • Minimum English and Mathematics requirements at Level 2
  • Evidence of mandatory qualifications detailed in the occupational standard
  • Any requirements/outputs that underpin an assessment method
  • Confirmation that you, the Employer or Training Provider are confident that the apprentice has demonstrated consistent occupational competency and that the individual apprentice feels ready to undertake the EPA.

Online applications are done via ACE360. Once apprentices have achieved all the requirements of the apprenticeship and you and their employer are confident that they meet the criteria to enter the EPA gateway, then you can apply for EPA on the apprentices behalf though ACE360.

Toni Lewis – Senior End Point Assessment Manager [email protected]

CIBSE’s EPA fees can be viewed on our website.

As the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours are aligned to Engineering Council UK-SPEC requirements, the EPA process is very similar to a Professional Review for both EngTech and IEng applicants and therefore currently there is no additional fee to cover assessment for Professional Registration.

Apprentices targeting Professional Registration will need to provide additional information as part of their EPA application, e.g. (Development Action Plan and Organisation Chart).

Applicants who pass will need to pay the annual CIBSE membership subscription and Engineering Council registration fees. Information on this can be found online at 

The interview period will be confirmed to the apprentice via email shortly after they enter the gateway. Interviews are currently being conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams. However, if you or the training provider believe the apprentice will be disadvantaged in a remote interview under CIBSE’s Fair Access Policy, you are welcome to request an in-person interview. This will be arranged at CIBSE HQ in Balham, London, or your (the employer’s) or the training provider’s premises.
CIBSE will notify the apprentice and the Training Provider of the result via email, six to eight weeks after the EPA.
If the apprentice fails, they will need to resit/retake their EPA within twelve months of their original EPA date to complete their Apprenticeship. If the apprentice passes the presentation element, they will only have to resit the structured interview. If the presentation element is failed then both this and the structured interview must be assessed again. The retake must include a structured interview even if it was passed first time round.
If the apprentice needs to resit/retake the EPA, the apprentice and employer should contact CIBSE to discuss dates for a resit. The apprentice should also discuss the reasons for failing with their mentor and can use feedback provided by CIBSE on the statement of results form issued after the EPA interview.
There is no formal limit on the number of resits/retakes, but this will become costly as there is a fee payable each time. Ultimately the number of resit/retakes is decided by the employer.

CIBSE has mapped the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours against the EngTech and IEng Attributes. These mapping documents are available from the CIBSE EPA team at [email protected]

Your apprentice can apply for professional registration and the appropriate level of CIBSE membership at the same time as they apply for their EPA using the nominated part of the online application form and uploading the additional required documents. This is optional. If they are successful at EPA, they will achieve professional grade at the same time.

You, the employer or training provider must be satisfied that the apprentice has completed all aspects of the gateway and is ready to undertake their EPA. This includes the 20% off the job training and the underpinning qualification written into the assessment plan for their standard.

CIBSE has set various closing dates for the Level 3, 4 and 6 Standards. The apprentice can apply for EPA at the point that they reach readiness but they will not enter the gateway until the next scheduled closing date. A full list of dates can be found on our website.

The EPA fee will be paid through the Apprenticeship Levy via the Training Provider. CIBSE will invoice the Training Provider for this payment during the gateway.
The cost of the EPA will not change if special provisions are required. We ask you inform us in advance to make the necessary arrangements. The apprentice should also inform CIBSE when submitting their application in the Fair Access part of the application form.
The resit/retake cost is 50% of the original EPA fee.

CIBSE provides a suite of guidance documents to help the apprentices prepare for their EPA, including guidance documents, sample Written Reports (for L3) and detailed webinars breaking down the KSBs for L3 and L6, providing evidence examples for each. This can all be found online, or contact CIBSE’s EPA team at [email protected] for more information.

If successful, CIBSE will request the official certificate from the Education Skills and Funding Agency (ESFA) and will inform the apprentice of when they are likely to receive this.
A resit is where an apprentice has been deemed as ready for the EPA, but has failed on the day, or was unable to sit on the scheduled date. A retake is where the apprentice has failed the EPA where the assessment has highlighted gaps in knowledge which require further work prior to retaking the EPA. The decision on a resit or retake is to be made by the employer.
Any resit/retake will ultimately be payable by you, the employer and is not covered by the Apprenticeship Levy. CIBSE will invoice the Training Provider, who will then request the resit/retake fee from you, the employer.
Before an apprentice progresses to a higher-level Apprenticeship, they will need to have successfully completed their EPA.

The Apprenticeship is complete once the apprentice has passed the final exam, the EPA.

If your apprentice did not apply for Engineering Technician (EngTech) or Incorporated Engineer (IEng) at the same time as their EPA and have since changed their mind, or it is a company requirement, please contact the CIBSE membership team at [email protected]

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