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CIBSE Mentoring is designed to match professionals who are mentors and mentees, based on their expertise and skills.

Aligned with our commitment to supporting members of CIBSE with their professional development, the online platform is open to mentees (individuals looking for a mentor) and to mentors who wish to share their expertise and knowledge with the new generation of professionals. We offer online resources, advice and guidance to help you make the most of the mentoring experience.

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Please note, CIBSE Mentoring is a membership benefit and is only available to current members of CIBSE (Student, Graduate, Affiliate, Licentiate, Associate, Member or Fellow membership holders). Anyone can become an Affiliate member of CIBSE today and access our online mentoring service.

Want to become a CIBSE Mentee?

You can sign up as a CIBSE Mentee if there is a goal or area you would like to focus on with another building services engineering professional. Working with a mentor can have a long-term impact on your professional development and help you further your career.

To become find your next mentor, you'll need to:

  • Be a member of CIBSE at any grade of membership
  • Have a specific goal in mind of what you want to achieve
  • Be committed to giving your time to a mentoring relationship
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Want to become a CIBSE Mentor?

You can sign up as a CIBSE Mentor if there is an area or areas where you feel that you could support other building services engineering professionals. It might be dealing with a particular challenge, working towards a professional qualification, or developing knowledge in a new area.

As a CIBSE Mentor, you are in control: you decide how many people you want to support, and when you want to make yourself available to potential mentees.

To become a CIBSE Mentor, you’ll need to:

  • Be a corporate member of CIBSE: at Licentiate, Associate, Member or Fellow grade
  • Be committed to giving your time to a mentoring relationship
Register as a Mentor
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