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DE5: Asset Information Requirements

2.0 CPD Hours

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  • Digital Engineering

Online Learning

The use of Asset Information Requirements (AIR) documents is not required under the UK Government BIM Level 2 mandate, but it will make generation of Employer’s Information Requirements a simpler process for the employer or their representative. The purpose of an AIR is to inform both internal and external teams what the employer needs to know about their asset so it can be effectively managed, both in terms of process and financial efficiency.
An AIR will also provide a structure against which the delivered information can be measured for completeness. The importance to an employer of effectively communicating what information they require cannot be underestimated. Many projects fail to meet the expectations of an employer as they do not have the information they need to run it at hand. This course covers the topic of Asset Information Requirements (AIR) logic and use. It covers areas including general principles, standards which define AIR use, the sections within an AIR and how the document may be used in asset creation and asset use scenarios.

Make your way through this course at your own pace with the following:  

  • DE5: Asset Information Requirements Topics
  • Additional Resources
  • Activity Pages
  • CPD Certificate on completion

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This course covers: 

  • General Principles
  • Use of AIR
  • Asset in use
  • Asset creation or major works
  • Creation of the AIR
  • Template
  • Topics
  • Legal information
  • Commercial information
  • Financial information
  • Technical information
  • Managerial information
  • Using the AIR template
  • Facility 
  • Space 
  • System
  • Component

Anyone who is required to create or use an AIR.

  • Understanding the purpose of AIRs
  • Ability to understand and use an AIR
  • Advise on the structure and functionality of an AIR

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