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Earthing and Bonding Systems

6.0 CPD Hours

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£430.00  +VAT
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  • Electrical Services

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This course enhances understanding and application of earthing and bonding in building infrastructure. It covers theoretical concepts and practical applications to ensure electrical system safety and efficiency in buildings.

(i) Earthing and Bonding Theory: Covers safety, equipment protection, and voltage stability. Crucial for occupant safety and electrical installation longevity.

(ii) Design Principles and System Configuration: Focuses on components, layout, and testing of systems. Vital for system effectiveness, safety, and compliance.

(iii) Compliance with IET Wiring Regulations: Provides guidance on regulation compliance, design, and equipment selection. Ensures safety and compliance with standards.

(iv) Design and Installation for Specialised Systems: Covers ELV systems, telecommunications, computer equipment, and lightning protection. Essential for safety and efficiency.

In conclusion, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of earthing and bonding in building services engineering, equipping professionals to design and maintain safe solutions in various building contexts. A must for enhancing expertise in this critical aspect of electrical engineering in buildings.

Learning outcomes

  • The course imparts critical knowledge and practical skills in electrical safety and infrastructure. It covers:
  • Understanding Earthing and Bonding Theory: In-depth knowledge of how these systems ensure safety by providing a path for fault current to flow to the ground, preventing electric shocks. Vital for safeguarding people and property.
  • Design and Configuration Skills: Ability to design and configure systems for various building services, including testing requirements. Essential for electrical engineers and technicians.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Comprehensive understanding of IET Wiring Regulations, including equipment requirements. Crucial for compliance officers and engineers.
  • Specialised System Design and Installation: Insights into ELV systems, telecoms, computer equipment, and lightning protection. Relevant for specialised applications.
  • This course equips professionals with theoretical foundations and practical skills applicable in building services engineering. It enables informed decisions, ensuring safety and compliance with standards. Ideal for those advancing their careers in electrical engineering, especially in building services.

This course is designed to cater to a wide array of professionals in the construction and electrical industry. It aims to enrich the knowledge and skills of design engineers and technicians, ensuring they are equipped with the latest techniques and standards for safe electrical systems. Project managers will gain insights into effective project oversight and risk management. Site-based engineers and technicians will learn practical applications and troubleshooting methods. Testing and commissioning engineers will be provided with advanced testing strategies and protocols, while facilities managers will understand maintenance and safety protocols, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of earthing and bonding practices.

Agenda for event
Time Description
  • Introduction
  • Earthing and Bonding Theory

Coffee / tea break (15 mins)

  • Earthing and Bonding system design – Part 1, Building distribution

Lunch (30 mins)

  • Earthing and Bonding system design – Part 2, The IET Wiring Regulations

Coffee / comfort break (15 mins)

  • Earthing and Bonding for ELV systems and
    Lightning Protection System

Close – Q&A


Jackie Portman

Jackie Portman


With a 35-year track record as an accomplished electrical engineer, including a decade in the Middle East overseeing multi-million pound infrastructure projects, I bring a wealth of practical experience to my work. Beyond my engineering achievements, I am passionate about education. I have had the privilege of sharing my knowledge as a lecturer and tutor at various academic levels, from HNC to undergraduate and post-graduate programs. This parallel career allows me to not only apply my technical expertise but also to nurture the next generation of engineers. It's a fulfilling aspect of my professional journey, contributing to both industry and academia.

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This course will be hosted live online on Microsoft Teams. A Microsoft Teams account is not required, you will be sent a link to join.

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The course location will be underneath the respective date, please make your way to the location.

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Course Materials:

The course presentation and any additional materials will be sent to delegates once attendance is confirmed on the day of the course.

We are working towards being more sustainable, therefore we do not recommend materials to be printed.

What is included?

- Full day training with an industry expert trainer

- CPD certificate

- PDF course materials

- Lunch and refreshments**

**For face-to-face courses

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