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Practical Controls for HVAC Systems

4.0 CPD Hours

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£290.00  +VAT
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£230.00  +VAT
  • Mechanical Services

Online Learning

This course will introduce you to the need for controls in building services systems.  The sizing of systems for extreme conditions means that heating, ventilation, and cooling systems need to operate at reduced capacity most of the time.  

Open loop and closed loop controls are described, together with the ‘classic controls’ modes of Proportional, Integral and Derivative action and combinations of all three. Three and two port valves are described together with the need for valve authority. 

Common heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems are described together with their control features.  Heating zones and temperature controls are covered together with the need for hydraulic pressure relief. Fan and pump laws are explained with the use of examples. 

Traditional air conditioning control is described together with common cooling systems: VAV, fan coil units, chilled beams and VRF. 

The programme concludes with a description of BEMS, BS EN 15232, soft landings, NABERS and the BCIA standard performance specification. 

This course will aid in explaining the importance of controls in building services engineering. It will outline some of the common components in building services and their role in and interaction with control systems. Some of the basic control theory is introduced to allow understanding of the effect of different control modes on the performance of the system and why they might be chosen for specific applications.

  • An understanding of the importance of controls and their modes of working in enabling successful operation of building services systems.
  • An awareness of the properties that are sensed and how they are used to change the performance of systems.
  • An understanding of the key building services systems and the control functions that are used to optimise performance.
  • How to specify controls and their levels of complexity and the benefits of commissioning and monitoring controls.

The course is designed for building managers and all engineers involved in the design, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems.

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