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Three reasons why...

Three reasons why you should invest in corporate training

When it comes to budget allocation, companies invest more in what they decide to be their main and most urgent priorities, with the less important or pressing receiving less. Where does employees’ training and development stand in your priority list?

Or, more importantly, why should you consider investing in your employees’ training?

Expanded expertise

Through training, your employees learn new skills such as problem solving, communication skills, and develop their knowledge, so they can apply it to their work and support their clients.

“Details on water hammer shed some light on a recent incident with a client, so we will be able to better explain what occurred.” – previous CIBSE Designing Water Efficient Hot and Cold Supplies attendee

Compliance with laws and legislation

Rules and regulations update regularly to reflect the latest industry developments, so it’s vital to have your team keep up to date with those changes. Training courses can provide all the information required to keep your employees compliant and informed.

“As a heat network consultant it is important to keep up to date with changes to the regulations. This training course was explaining the amendments to CP1 as per the 2020 update and so everything that was taught was valuable and will be used going forward.” - previous CIBSE Heat Networks (CP1) Half Day Update attendee

3Competition advantage

If your employees have the relevant skills for today’s world, they will strengthen your company’s presence in the market, and you will be successfully positioned for the future.

“As a company we are in the process of expanding our expertise therefore after this training session we can offer the service of water drainage design (including rain water drainage) to our clients.” - previous CIBSE Above Ground Building Drainage attendee

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To conclude, investing in your employees means:

  • An investment to your company as upskilled employees provide better services for your clients
  • Best practice reflected in your employees' work performance 
  • A possible competitive advantage

So, knowing all this, how much are you planning to invest in training going forward?

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