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Talking Buildings Podcasts

CIBSE ANZ has launched a new platform to discuss and tackle thought provoking matters relating to the built environment.  “Talking Buildings” is a new podcast, taking the region in a brand new direction, but most importantly a new and improved method of communication direct to you, wherever you are in the region.

Each month, tune in to hear us engaging with key industry guests to discuss various initiatives.  All our guests are passionately working to affect change, including making a positive impact on the environment and the people working within our industry.

We’ll be speaking to a range of guests, on a wide variety of topical subjects to bring direct to you  the latest facts and opinions on Building Codes, standards, certification, ethics, STEM programmes, energy and sustainable rating systems and much, much more.

Podcast Series

Tune in to Talking Buildings

Ethics - Doing the right thing with Alan Obrart, Director of Obrart & Co - Consulting Engineer - Building Services
Release date: 14 November 2017

Heavily involved with various professional associations, institutes and industry bodies and having been an office bearer for Engineers Australia, President of AIRAH, a building services consultant and lecturer in building services at Sydney University, Alan has witnessed and presented on a fair share of ethically challenging scenarios.

To what extent are Engineers, and those holding 'professional' membership, held accountable? And what options are available to you when you find yourself faced with a client pushing for a finding you don't agree with or an employer who accepts a project where the outcomes conflict with your moral compass? This chat discusses many such situations a professional might find him or herself in at various stages over a career and realistic ways to respond to those situations.

Tomorrow's world with Frankie Muskovic, Property Council of Australia
Release date: 17 October 2017

Join us in our first ever broadcast, where we chat with Frankie Muskovic, Policy Manager - Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs at the Property Council of Australia.  Frankie is a fantastic ambassador within the industry, who is extremely passionate about her work, supporting younger engineers and is working closely with the Australian Building Codes Board to develop Section J of the National Construction Code.