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BIM2050 Group Launch Event

BIM2050 Group Launch Event
Date: Wed 16th January 2013
Venue: The Building Centre, WC1E 7BT
Reviewer:  Jairo Jaramillo, YEN London Chair 2012-2013
Building Information Modelling (BIM) is, without a doubt, the buzz phrase within the construction industry right now and the YEN London Centre is very fortunate in having Neil Thompson as its Vice Chair.  Neil is one of the principal figures working with BIM within Balfour Beatty, the largest construction company within the UK.  Through this work Neil was able to get involved with the BIM2050 group ( ), a joint Construction Industry Council and government initiative which aims to see UK PLC catch the BIM wave and ensure that UK construction remains a world leader in effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.

The launch event itself was held in Central London at the Building Centre, a wonderful building with a fascinating scale-model of London within its lobby that merits a look if the reader should ever find themselves in the vicinity.  I took advantage of the customary (but delicious!) registration and refreshments to catch up with fellow YEN London members Angela Malynn and David Mather and then took my seat for the welcome and introduction by Peter Hansford, Chief Construction Advisor who spoke passionately about the central role BIM shall play within government legislation, citing a Level 2 BIM exercise within a Ministry of Defence project which had already reaped £800,000 of savings.

Peter was followed by David Philp, BIM2050 Group Chair & Head of BIM Implementation for the Cabinet Office, who provided a group overview of BIM2050 and its objectives.  With such a prestigious position, the audience was eager to see what David Philp would say and there was much agreement with his assertions that BIM would help create a green economy with ‘government push/industry pull’ being the main drivers.  He assured those present that currently the UK construction industry is No.2 or even No.1 in terms of adoption of BIM and in setting ambitious targets but that it must work hard to stay there.

The lectern was then passed onto a diverse collection of speakers representing the BIM2050 Group itself, including Rebecca De Cicco, an architect with KSS Design Group and Emma Blackwell from Turner & Townsend.  Amongst these was YEN London’s very own Neil Thompson, who spoke eloquently about the “badditive” attitude which often prevails in the construction sector, where a mish-mash of ideas and technologies/processes combine to produce much confusion for client, contractor and consultant alike.

The session closed with Q&A and some very positive final remarks from Peter Hansford who commented on the very high attendance (over 70 people) and the evident enthusiasm of the group’s members and young construction industry professionals alike.  I very much enjoyed the event and was stuck by the breadth of knowledge and experience that BIM2050 has managed to assemble.  It certainly bodes well for their efforts.