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CHP CPD in conjunction with Senertec

Event review by David Mather, CIBSE YEN Vice-Representative

On Wednesday 4th May 2016 at London South Bank University’s CEREB facility CIBSE YEN London hosted a CPD Seminar on Combined Heat and Power (CHP). As the attendees settled in after networking and refreshments David Mather introduced the evening, gave an overview of CIBSE YEN London, and then handed the stage to Paul Wilson of Senertec to begin the CPD presentation.

The presentation began by explaining how important it is to get an overview understanding of CHP as this is a popular technology. CHP is often used in new build developments where there is a focus on minimising the carbon footprint, either as a result of client aspirations, meeting Building Regulations Part L or meeting The London Plan.

The presentation ran through the basics of what CHP is (a mini-power station), where it can be beneficial to consider using CHP in projects and then, most interestingly, there was an overview of sizing philosophy. We also discussed an example case study to demonstrate the sizing procedure and a simple payback calculation.

After the main presentation there was a healthy debate throughout a slightly longer Q&A session. There was much to discuss in more detail from the points raised in the presentation. There were questions of a technical nature and also wider conversations on the recent history of financial incentives for renewable technology, and where similar legislation may move in the future. The room was filled with enthusiasm from attendees from both CIBSE YEN London and LSBU students.  
We would like to once again take this opportunity to thank both London South Bank University and Senertec who supported this event.