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CIBSE YEN London - Filling of Commercial Heating & Chilled Water Systems

CIBSE YEN London – CPD, Grub & Pub - Filling of Commercial Heating & Chilled Water Systems

Sponsored by Mikrofill

10th May 2017 – Cundall, One Carter Lane, London

After everyone had helped themselves to pizza, Noel Lally from Mikrofill began his CPD presentation. The presentation began with an introduction to using water as transfer medium and how its developed over the years. He gave some examples starting with the summer Palace of Peter the Great in St Petersburg which has used water conveyed around the building in porcelain ducts since 1710.

The presentation then covered what minimum information is required for sizing expansions vessels on commercial heating and chilled water systems and explained about how expansion vessels work. He also talked about different methods of filling systems and provided a demonstration of an electronic backflow prevention device.

Reviewed by Alexandra Logan, CIBSE YEN London Chair 2017-18.