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CIBSE YEN London - Office Design does it go far Enough?

CIBSE YEN London at WSP House, Chancery Lane, London - 19th March 2015

Reviewed By Jairo Jaramillo (YEN London Treasurer), Video by Dwight Wilson & Adam Swann

The large variety of consultancies represented on CIBSE YEN London’s Committee was well demonstrated with the organisation and holding of this excellent event courtesy of WSP’s Alex Logan, who also has the role of CIBSE YEN London Secretary.  As a result of her efforts, WSP’s Nick Offer was on hand to explain some of his work on the new British Council of Offices Guide to Specification.  As someone with over thirty years of building services industry experience and a seat on the BCO’s Technical Affairs Committee, the audience were eager to hear Nick’s thoughts on low carbon design, good office MEP schemes and all stops in between.

Nick’s presentation commenced with a short run through of his career and background to date, always an interesting way to start especially for its illustration of the many different paths that engineers take to get to the top of their professions.  However, beyond this, and much to the delight of those attending, Nick went ‘off-piste’ and spoke eloquently about the status quo currently dominating in office design and how young engineers might challenge it.  It was inspirational stuff and all the more so for it’s unexpected nature.

The presentation concluded with Q&A from the audience and excellent refreshments courtesy of WSP.  Networking and conversations between audience members continued well into the evening, always a sign of a presentation that has elicited debate and thought.  I would like to extend my thanks to Alex Logan for her efforts in securing such a distinguished speaker and organising the whole event.  Additionally, of course, CIBSE YEN London expresses its gratitude to Nick Offer for giving up his time to present and answer questions.