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CIBSE YEN London - Olympic Park Energy Centre Tour

CIBSE YEN London at The Olympic Park Energy Centre - 24 July 2014

Reviewed By David Arnsy & Charlotte Mercer (Committee Member)
Following three consecutive unsuccessful UK bids to host the Olympics, for Birmingham 1992, Manchester 1996 and 2000 it became clear to The British Olympic Association that a bid should be made for London to host the games. 

In 1997 The British Olympic Association began working on a bid to get the Olympics to the UK in 2012, and in 2000 they presented their report to government ministers. Following the standard deliberations between the world cities that applied, on 6th July 2005 at the 117th Session in Singapore, the IOC awarded London the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. It was a close competition, with London only beating Paris 54 to 50 at the fourth and final ballot. With this, London became the first city to host the games three times.

The Olympic park was designed by the EDAW Consortium, including Buro Happold, working with ARUP and WS Atkins. The park including its legacy was taken over by LDA Design in conjunction with Hargreves Associates and in collaboration with ARUP and Atkins. LDA design contracted Wallace Whittle to carry out various aspects of the M+E Building Services design. The NHBC carried out the Sustainability assessments while Sutton Vane Associates illuminated the scheme. 


To give a sense of the enormity of the project, during its construction over 80,000 workers were engaged. To enable the major phase of construction to get started 52 electricity pylons, at 65m high had to be removed from in and around the site to adopt the new underground distribution strategy. 

On 24th July 2014 CIBSE YEN London organised a tour for its members, of one of the two energy centre’s that fed the Olympic Park during the games in 2012. Alongside this, and perhaps more importantly, attendees were given an insight into the daily running’s of the centre now, with the park now in its legacy life, by Coffely who run the Energy Centre – Thank you Russell Sallof for facilitating this. 

The £200,000,000 Olympic Park development is supplied by two large energy centres on the Olympic site in King’s yard next to Hackney wick and Stratford city. The district energy network provided heating and cooling during the games and now continues to service the Westfield shopping centre, housing units and various business developments within the Olympic park boundary. 


The energy centre combined can produce 50MW of heat and 20MW of cooling with the future proofing of the system allowing expansion to a potential 200MW heating and 70MW cooling. The modular design of the systems mean that future plant can be easily installed into the energy centres when the loads for the “legacy” plan are known. 

CCHP-Energy-Unit.jpg Biomass-Boiler.jpg Dual-Fuel-Gas-Oil-Boiler.jpg

CCHP-Unit            Biomass Boiler Dual Fuel
Oil/Gas Boiler

Cooling is provided by 4 Electric Chillers as well as 1 absorption chiller than utilizes the waste heat from the CHP unit to operate the absorption process.