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Young Energy Performance Group Launch

Young Energy Performance Group Launch
Date: Oct 31st 2012
Venue: AECOM London Offices, Holborn
Reviewer:  Jairo Jaramillo, Chair 2012-2013

The YEN London Centre is often the beneficiary of generous support from CIBSE HQ and the regions that comprise the Greater London area.  In another similar and even more impressive way, it was fantastic to see the CIBSE Energy Performance Group get fully behind and help engineer Anna Menezes to launch the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group (YEPG).  Hailing from AECOM, Anna has assembled a crack team of engineers, architects and sustainability experts all with the mission of providing a platform for discussion and dissemination of innovative ideas and research regarding energy performance in buildings.

Carla Bartholomew and Andrew Saville

Joined by invited speaker Andrew Saville, a long time YEN London Committee member and contributor, and Carla Bartholomew, newly appointed YEN South West Chair, I travelled the short distance to AECOM’s London offices in Holborn to witness the launch event for this exciting new initiative.  Proceedings kicked off with an introduction by Anna Menezes and a warm recognition of the efforts of Phil Jones and John Field, CIBSE Energy Performance Group Director and CIBSE Vice-President respectively.  It was impressive to see the calibre of young professionals who are supporting the YEPG, with a smattering of Engineering Doctorates, PhD’s and other professional education awards.

Anna Menezes opens the evening in front of an expectant audience

First up to speak after Anna was Andrew Saville, who spoke eloquently about the value of Young Engineers, indeed, one of his most poignant remarks was to point out the relatively high number of YEN members who are currently or have gone on to become full chartered members of CIBSE, travelled to far off lands representing YEN or even risen to Fellow status.
The presentation then introduced Arup’s Mike Slessor, a young building services engineer who talked at length about his amazing experiences thus far in the Middle East, where his enthusiasm and hard work have led him to be at the forefront of designing and indeed inventing the relevant legislature and codes for good building practice.  Mike concluded with his six top tips for young engineers, namely: the importance of knowing basic principles, always asking questions – especially the simple ones, looking around for different experiences – be they software, locations etc., grabbing opportunities when they present themselves, understanding the clients’ needs and crucially, trusting one’s own judgement.  Sage words from a good example to junior engineers everywhere.

Arup's Mike Slessor

A warm round of applause brought the evening proceedings to close after which Carla, Andrew and I spent a good hour conversing and networking with other attendees.  All in all it was a fantastic evening – I for one look forward with great anticipation to early 2013 and the YEPG’s next event where there will be a role playing game based around the famous book ‘Sustainable Energy without the Hot Air’.  Those interested in attending should visit the group's excellent website at