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CIBSE Inclusivity Panel Survey Results

In 2019, the CIBSE Inclusivity and Diversity Panel launched a survey to gain a better understanding of the views of those working and studying in the engineering or construction sector. The aim of the survey was find out people's thoughts on a number of areas to inform the Panel on how to better support and serve CIBSE members and the wider community. The survey looked at education, careers & company polices, membership & chartership, career breaks and retention.
This was the first survey the Inclusivity Panel has conducted. Though this survey focussed more on gender, the Panel is always looking to support those from other represented background and hear peoples views and suggestions.
922 people responded to the survey over the 4 week period the survey was open. Of those that responded approximately 75% were male and 25% were female. Most of the participants were based in the UK, through responses also came from other countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, UAE, Netherlands and Spain.





At the end of 2019, the Panel launched the Inclusivity Guidelines document for CIBSE staff and members. The guide covers a range of issues, from events and accessibility to language and communications, giving actions that are clear and easy to implement. 
Building on the guide and reviewing the survey results, the panel will also be looking at ensuring there is a diverse range of speakers at events, creating role models profiles, providing a 12 month technical update and liaising with external groups. Some of this work has currently been started or is in the pipeline for the future.
A common thread through the survey was the need for flexible working arrangements and role models. These two things where mentioned in both education, careers and helping with retention. Businesses may want to consider how they can implement these initiatives into their companies. The Inclusivity Panel are currently looking at ways to share best practices and resources to help companies and individuals. 
If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the Inclusivity Panel at