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CIBSE Nominations Panel

Reports to: The Board

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Nominations Panel gives detailed considered to proposals received for Institution Awards, and to potential candidates for Officer positions and for Board and Council membership. The Panel normally meets twice yearly in May and July and submits recommendations to the Board for consideration and decision.

Terms of Reference:

1. To submit proposals to the Board for candidates to stand for election as Officers of the Institution.
2. To submit proposals to the Board for the award of Honorary Fellowship and the Institution's Gold Medal.
3. To submit proposals to the Board for Bronze and Silver Awards for service to the Institution,
4. To submit proposals to the Board for candidates to stand for election as members of the Board and of the Council.
5. To co-opt members as necessary to fulfil its objectives, such co-options being subject to review each year.
6. To seek proposals for nominations and awards by annual invitation to Standing Committees and Council Members (which will include representatives from all Regions, Societies and Groups) and from the membership at large through wide publication.

Committee Membership

The Panel is chaired by the Immediate Past President and includes the President, the most recent Past President not serving on the Board, three members appointed from Council, three senior members with long experience of the Institution, and the Chair of the Inclusivity Panel.

The 2019/2020 membership of the Panel is:

Stephen Lisk (Immediate Past President)
Lynne Jack (President)
John Field (Past President)
George Adams
Vince Arnold
Gerry Brannigan
Nick Mead
Atif Rashid

Director Responsible: Stuart Brown, Deputy Chief Executive