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Young Engineers Network

Sydney Opera House

The CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) is a network of regional centres around the world that aim to provide a forum & support network for young engineers. 

CIBSE has YEN chapters around Australia and New Zealand that organise technical and social events to support Young Professionals working within building services. They also engage with students at universities and other tertiary institutions to build awareness of the opportunities offered by a career in building services engineering.

YEN membership is free and available to all those in the development stages of their career.


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To register and receive emails about local YEN events, opt in to ANZ Regional Communications here.

Young engineers are the future of the building services industry. With the support and experience of the wider CIBSE membership, YEN aims to build industry knowledge and unite the young engineering community locally, nationally and internationally.

ANZ YEN Centre Mission

  • Provide a support network for young engineers within CIBSE YEN.

  • Promote building services engineering to school and university students

  • Provide social networking opportunities for young engineers.

  • Provide a platform for knowledge exchange.

  • Promote sustainability amongst young engineers and the built environment. 

  • Encourage young engineers to engage more closely with our professional institution throughout their careers.

  • Inspire young engineers - guiding them towards a long term career in the building services profession.

Connect with YEN

We are always looking for new members to join our growing community and membership is free. 

CIBSE ANZ Social Media - discover local networks

  Network with us on LinkedIn and connected with other Young Engineers and Professionals.

  Join us on Facebook for regular updates of what's happening with YEN 

 Tweet us: @cibseyenanz

  For any queries email YEN ANZ Chair, Niro Siriwardena at [email protected]

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