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Fellow is the highest class of membership of the Society and may be awarded if you are, or have been, engaged in a position of responsibility in the design, construction or investigation of significant façade projects, or undertaken research at equivalent level. Fellows of the Society will contribute to the development of knowledge and practice in the field of façade engineering.

Fellows of the Society can use the designatory letters FSFE. Candidates will normally be required to satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. Meet the requirements for the Member grade.
  2. Have held a responsible position in facade engineering or a related field for not less than ten years with at least five years in appointment(s) in which they have personal responsibility for the design, or execution of important façade engineering works or equivalent responsibility in research or teaching.
  3. Show evidence of a commitment to continuing professional development.
  4. Have held SFE Member (MSFE) grade membership for a period of at least two years.
    In rare circumstances the Membership Committee may consider transfer of exceptional candidates with less than two years in Member grade. This will require recommendation by at least two existing Fellows of the Society and be supplemented by an exemplary technical report prepared by the candidate and globally recognised experience.

Join now at the Fellow grade of the SFE. If you are transferring between grades, please use this Transfer form.

All applications for Fellow grade must be accompanied by a 'scope of experience form', copies of relevant certificates and the relevant fee.

The subscription fees applicable are only the CIBSE subscription fees, at
CIBSE Affiliate grade. If you are already a CIBSE Affiliate or higher grade, no additional fees are required.

Please submit all applications electronically to [email protected] (no hard copies).

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