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Lifts 308

30 June 2021

Recording of the Seminars. WATCH

Seminar 1 - "BREXIT and the Lifting Industry"

The speakers presented an overview of pre and post Brexit effects on the lift industry including perspectives from an end user, a lift contractor and a lift consultant.


Michael Bottomley (VT Consult)
"Whatever happened to The Brexit Lift Company?"

Phil Pearson (Pearson Consult Ltd)
"Brexit and its impact on the lift industry

Seminar 2 - "Energy Efficiency - What Part can Lifts Play?"

As the World's awareness of the importance of energy conservation and efficiency grows, the contribution lifts and escalators can make is coming into sharper focus. The speakers spoke about the broader context of energy efficiency in the built environment, picking up on topics such as total embodied carbon, operating energy and assessment methodologies, before focusing in on how the lift industry could (shouldn't) be responding, including an update and comment from Dr Gina Barney on recent work on relevant ISO Standards.

Adam Scott (SWECO UK)
Roaa Babiker (SWECO UK)
Matthew Mapp (SWECO UK)

"Energy & Carbon Efficiency - What Part Can Lifts Play?"

Dr Gina Barney (Gina Barney Associates)
Lift (US:Elevator) Energy Labels

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