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Guide A 2015 Chapter 5 Supplementary files

Additional Appendices

Additional Appendices (all)
Appendix 5.A7 Derivation of factor for intermittent heating
Appendix 5.A8 Derivation of thermal steady state model
Appendix 5.A9 Comparison of thermal steady-state models
Appendix 5.A10 Algorithm for the calculation of cooling loads
Appendix 5.A11 Derivation of solar gain factors
Appendix 5.A12 Specification for reference (dynamic) model

Table 5.16 Cooling loads (unshaded) (UK)

Table 5.16(a) Belfast
Table 5.16(b) Birmingham
Table 5.16(c) Cardiff
Table 5.16(d) Edinburgh
Table 5.16(e) Glasgow
Table 5.16(f) Leeds
Table 5.16(g) London
Table 5.16(h) Manchester
Table 5.16(i) Newcastle
Table 5.16(j) Norwich
Table 5.16(k) Nottingham
Table 5.16(l) Plymouth
Table 5.16(m) Southampton
Table 5.16(n) Swindon

Table 5.17 Cooling loads (shaded) (UK)

Table 5.17(a) Belfast
Table 5.17(b) Birmingham
Table 5.17(c) Cardiff
Table 5.17(d) Edinburgh
Table 5.17(e) Glasgow
Table 5.17(f) Leeds
Table 5.17(g) London
Table 5.17(h) Manchester
Table 5.17(i) Newcastle
Table 5.17(j) Norwich
Table 5.17(k) Nottingham
Table 5.17(l) Plymouth
Table 5.17(m) Southampton
Table 5.17(n) Swindon

Table 5.18 Banded weather data

Table 5.18(a) Belfast
Table 5.18(b) Birmingham
Table 5.18(c) Cardiff
Table 5.18(d) Edinburgh
Table 5.18(e) Glasgow
Table 5.18(f) Leeds
Table 5.18(g) London
Table 5.18(h) Manchester
Table 5.18(i) Newcastle
Table 5.18(j) Norwich
Table 5.18(k) Nottingham
Table 5.18(l) Plymouth
Table 5.18(m) Southampton
Table 5.18(n) Swindon

Table 5.X1 Cooling loads (unshaded) (worldwide)

Table 5.X1(a) Latitude 0
Table 5.X1(b) Latitude 10
Table 5.X1(c) Latitude 20
Table 5.X1(d) Latitude 30
Table 5.X1(e) Latitude 40
Table 5.X1(f) Latitude 50
Table 5.X1(g) Latitude 55
Table 5.X1(h) Latitude 60

Table 5.X2 Cooling loads (shaded) (worldwide)

Table 5.X2(a) Latitude 0
Table 5.X2(b) Latitude 10
Table 5.X2(c) Latitude 20
Table 5.X2(d) Latitude 30
Table 5.X2(e) Latitude 40
Table 5.X2(f) Latitude 50
Table 5.X2(g) Latitude 55
Table 5.X2(h) Latitude 60

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