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CIBSE Company Renewal Scheme

Our Company Renewal Scheme allows companies with a large number of CIBSE members to renew all their memberships under one consolidated invoice.

Companies currently listed on the scheme are:

  • Building Design Partnership Limited (Ireland)
  • Cundall Limited (Including Cundall LLP) (UK) 
  • Focus FM Limited (UK)
  • Hoare Lea LLP (UK)
  • Hollis Global Limited (UK)
  • Hulley & Kirkwood Consulting Engineers Limited (UK)
  • Introba Consulting Limited (UK)
  • John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Limited (Ireland)
  • Norse Group Limited (Including Hamson Barron Smith) (UK)
  • Ridge & Partners LLP (UK)
  • Tuffin Ferraby Taylor LLP (UK)
  • Varming Consulting Engineers Limited (Ireland)


Information for Companies

If you have a large number of employees that are CIBSE members and cover their professional membership fees, this scheme allows you to renewal all of their fees under one invoice.

This eliminates the risk of their professional membership status lapsing due to late/non payment and also the need to reimburse each member individually.

See our timeline for the process and timeframe to be followed

If you are interested, send us an email to [email protected]. We'll need details on the company, region and any subsidiaries you'd like to be covered under the scheme. There should be a minimum of 20 members to join this scheme.

Information for CIBSE Members

If you are currently employed by one of the companies listed, we will contact them directly to renew your membership. We will also notify you once your membership has been renewed for the year.

To ensure that you are included in the renewal list, your profile must be up to date to reflect your current employment details (work email and address) by the 1 September - you can do this via MyCIBSE. See our User Guide - Updating Work and/or Home Address.

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