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MHI Specifications

MHI Specifications


561 Ipswich Road,
Slough Trading Estate,
South East England,

Contact: Michael Goman/ Alan Harvey
Tel: 01753 376422

Categories covered

Summary of Type of Courses and Area of Specialisms Offered:

- CO2 Refrigerant 
- CO2 Heat Pumps
- How CO2 Heat Pump Works
- Features and Benefits
- Application

There is such a demand to electrify our primary heating source for both commercial and domestic application on the road to achieving net zero. With the increased use of heat pumps, we should make sure that we are constantly striving to reduce the global warming potential of the refrigerants in use.  This module will explain why CO2 is becoming the preferred refrigerant choice for both space heating and potable hot water production, the design techniques needed to achieve high system efficiencies, and why CO2 heat pumps are a viable solution for replacing combined heat and power installations.

Target Audience:

Consultants, End Users, Mechanical Engineers, Sustainability Engineers

Duration of Courses:

1 Hour including Q+A