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A O Smith Water Heaters

A O Smith Water Heaters


Unit B8 Armstrong Mall,
Southwood Business Park,
GU14 0NR

Contact: Bill Sinclair
Tel: 01252 551 540
Fax: 0870 267 6485

Categories covered

Types of Courses Speaker(s):

Bill Sinclair: 20+ years experience in commercial H&V industry.

Summary of Type of Courses and Area of Specialisms Offered:

Introduction to Commercial Solar Thermal Systems
The CPD course aims to increase choices for mechanical and public health design engineers when considering solar thermal solutions for hot water provision in commercial applications. 
The seminar considers: Solar utilisation background, the current picture - Standard Solar Systems, improved performance through enhanced controls, SGS & SGE Solar Systems including 'Solar Swap' concept, How to eliminate stagnation and Solar System sizing. 

Maximising Contribution from Commercial Solar Thermal Systems
This CPD course is aimed at mechanical and public health design engineers who already have experience with commercial solar themal systems and focuses on three ways of maximising the output of the solar thermal system. It examines Overheat Protection, Solar Swap and a contribution towards the heating load as ways to increase system efficiency. A look at the new bulding regulations and Renewable Heat Incentive are included. 

Target Audience:

Building Services Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Public Health Engineers

Duration of Courses:

45 minute presentation with Q&A.

Course Formats:

At a Companies premises