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Ability Projects

Ability Projects


The Fulcrum Business Park,
2/3 Vantage Way ,
Poole ,
Dorsert .
BH12 4NU

Contact: Michael James Holland
Tel: 07712 895 331

Fan Coils Units by Ability Projects, Ability (recently listed as one of the Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain) specialise in the design, manufacture and worldwide distribution of the most energy efficient fan coil units (FCU's).

We are one of the UK’s pre-eminent suppliers, based in a 30,000 sq ft factory in Poole on the South Coast of the UK. From here we operate a fully integrated sales, design, manufacturing and testing facility.    Fan coil units today are far removed from Fan Coils of only a few years ago. Today's modern fan coils include EC (electronically commutated) (ECM) fan / motors that can provide VAV (Variable air volume) capability. Using the very latest design and manufacturing techniques, the most recent technical innovations and an unsurpassed understanding of fan coil unit application, Ability have produced the most epic fan coil range of innovative, energy efficient and intuitively clever fan coil units available to designers today. Industry leading Specific Fan Powers (SFP)s are, by design, a feature of all Ability's energy efficient EC fan coils, even the slimmest model at 155mm deep which is ideal for residential projects.

Categories covered

Mechanical, Sustainability

Types of Courses Speaker(s):

Mick Holland

25 years' experience working in the HVAC industry for various companies involved in the manufacture and design of HVAC systems. 20 years working in and running a Laboratory dedicated to developing, testing and evaluating all manner of HVAC systems to provide comfortable air conditioning. These include, but not limited to, Fan Coil Units, Variable Air Volume, Constant Air Volume, Chilled Beams, Chilled Ceilings, Displacement Flow, Mixed Flow, Underfloor, Air, C02 and Water Systems.

Active Member of ASHRAE, Membership Number  8146350, having been involved with writing Handbook, writing Methods of Tests for Chilled Beams, Chairman of a committee writing a chilled beam guide and regular attendance to the ASHRAE conferences.

Member of FETA (UK) and active member of the Fan Coil Group.

Presenter of CPD courses and training for 15 years.

Summary of Type of Courses and Area of Specialisms Offered:

1 - Fan Coil Basics
An introductory course explaining what a FCU is and the important factors effecting its selection. The heat exchange coil is the most important component to the performance and efficiency of a Fan Coil Unit therefore the effect of water flow rate, air volume and  temperature parameters used are explained.

  • What is a FCU and where is it used
  • Factors effecting the selection of a Fan Coil Units
  • Acoustic Considerations
  • Recommended design parameters

2 - Advances in Operation and Controls to provide greater energy efficiency and flexibility
This course follows on from the Fan Coil Basics and  provides an update to the latest developments in Fan Coil Units design and control. Focusing on energy efficiency and control enhancements, it discusses the use if ECM(Electronically Commuted Motors) motors, latest generation Controllers and PICC (Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valves).
Further to the above, it introduces what now can be achieved when a Fan Coil is packaged with all of the latest equipment. This provides faster setup and commissioning, remote verification of  working kW output at any time, remote verification of the water f low rate at any time and remote setting of operating parameters without invasive access to ceiling voids. Added to that also a very reliable dirty filter alarm and BMS monitoring of the kW electrical consumption it is now possible to package and tailor a system to match all needs.

  • EC Motors
  • PICC Valves
  • Controls
  • Matrix

3 – Electronic Pressure Independent control valavs for Fan Coil Units
A recent advance in control valve technology this CPD highlightes the commissioning, operational and energy saving attributes that moving to this system will provide.


  • Current Valve Technology associated with Fan Coil Units
  • What is a pressure independent valve
  • Advantages of an EPIV valve
  • Packaged Fan Coils with EPIV valves

4 – The Relative Energy Efficiencies of Active Chilled Beams and Fan Coil Unit Systems
Seminar presenting the results and findings of a recent independent energy study comparing Fan Coils with Acitve Chilled Beams


  • Software used for the studies
  • Brief description of what types of Active Beam and FCU were modelled
  • Standard operating parameters
  • Plant systems within the energy study model
  • Present and analyse the results of these energy studies

Target Audience:

Building Services Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Engineers

Duration of Courses:

1 Hour

Course Formats:


Course attendance fee range (if applicable)


Accredited from 1st September 2016 until 31st August 2018