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Aermec UK Ltd

Aermec UK Ltd


Unit 6 Capricorn Centre,
Cranes Farm Road,
SS14 3JJ

Contact: Graham Etherington or Paul Lawrence
Tel: 01268 206 060

Categories covered

Types of Courses Speaker(s):

All speakers are highly experienced and highly qualified engineers with an extensive background in the HVAC industry and are specialist in training in the HVAC, Chiller, MVHR and Air Handling Unit product markets.

Summary of Type of Courses and Area of Specialisms Offered:

HVAC applied mechanical design CPD courses summarising the basic vapour compression refrigeration cycle, components and it's application. The CPD courses cover a wide variety of real world examples of how to apply and select air cooled and water cooled chillers. We look at the different technologies available for the main chiller components and how these components can affect the chiller footprint, noise levels and efficiency to also maximise chiller efficiency and provide a robust design. The presentation also covers chiller design considerations such as noise levels and what inclusions should be considered on chillers and a section on future of refrigerants and new legislation including ECO design changes, and review the latest in lower GWP refrigerants i.e. XP10.


Target Audience:

Electrical Engineers, Engineers, Engineers from all disciplines, Mechanical & Electrical Consultants, Mechanical Engineers

Duration of Courses:

1 Hour, One hour including CPD presentations

Course Formats:

Question & Answer, Seminars

Course attendance fee range (if applicable)