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Smoke Control Association

Smoke Control Association


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Target Audience include:

Designers Building Consultants, Main Contractors, Building Owners and Building Inspectors, any service that is involved with Smoke Control design and Installation.

Categories covered

Types of Courses Speaker(s):

Allan Hurdle
Technical Consultant to the Smoke Control Association
Owner of AKH Services Ltd, Consultant to the HVAC Industry
Previous MD and VP of Flakt Group UK Business

Over 30 years in supporting the HVAC Buildings market
Supporting HVAC Businesses Internationally having previously given presentations on the Smoke Control
Industry to CIBSE Patrons, RIBA, LABC and others

Summary of Type of Courses and Area of Specialisms Offered:

Overview of the SCA/IFC Competence Scheme
Explains the steps the Smoke Control Association has taken, post Grenfell and the Dame Judith Hackett review, to introduce a UKAS accredited Independent Installer Certification Scheme for SCA members and Building Installers who purchase and install smoke control products.
Guide to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Block Buildings
As well as describing appropriate types of product and fitting location, the presentation clarifies the various BS/EN standards a smoke control system must adhere to fulfil competency and compliance standards.
Guide to CFD Design of Smoke Systems
This has been developed by members involved in designing smoke control systems, for installing smoke control products in a building or car park to ensure that they perform as intended in the event of a fire.  This is a complex subject and the presentation provides an overview of the CFD design with smoke flow within a building to optimise the location of smoke removal products.
Guide to Smoke Shaft Testing and Commissioning
Smoke shaft systems are commonly installed as part of a fire-engineered approach to safety in buildings. Presentation by contractors and acceptance by Building Control Officers is a key event in the handover process of construction projects. This CPD discusses the commissioning process and the key data that should be recorded.
Design of Car Park Smoke Contol Systems by CFD
This gives an overview of the design of smoke control systems for underground car parks, detailing the smoke control products used and the use of CFD in the car park system designs.

Target Audience:

Building Consultants, Engineers, and Contractors at every level., Contractors, Designers