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YEPG Events


YEPG + BSG Joint Event (October)
This event will focus on the critical aspects of modelling and what are the key parameters that can affect the performance gap between the modelled building and the performance in real life.

More upcoming events will be announced both here and on our Eventbrite page.


CIBSE YEPG AGM 2019 - 19th June 2019

The CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group Steering Committee has recently been refreshed.

Over the last years we’ve developed significant momentum, a large membership, and held some great events. We’re always open to new members joining us to contribute fresh ideas and help us continue the trend.

If you want to be part of our community, get in touch with us!


We were exited to visit the Crystal building, classified as BREEAM outstanding and LEED Platinum! The Crystal building is the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities and incorporates rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, solar heating and automated BMS.


  1. CARBON BITE NIGHT 2019 - 22nd May 2019

We have discussed the GLA updates on carbon factors and their impact on design for new residential developments.


Our speakers have drawn on their experience in the heat network industry and spoken about the challenges that they have faced. 


THE FUTURE OF HEAT PUMPS - 07th August 2019

With the carbon factor related to electricity dropping considerably, lots of new developments are considering heat pumps as a key aspect for the energy strategy. For this reason, we have explored different solutions for heating and hot water generation, focusing the conversation on the energy efficiency and some critical aspects of the technologies presented.


1. It's All in the Detail: Achieving the Passivhaus Standard (09.05.2018) UCL G01, Central House, London 
The event has offered an introduction to the Passivhaus standard and an overview of all concepts & criteria and presented two case studies that have been recently completed - both of which won the CIBSE Building Performance Award in 2018. 


Christian Dimbleby, Architype
Will South, Etude
Khasha Mohammadian, Willmott Dixon

Kindly hosted by UCL.

You can now watch the video on Twitter at CBN 1 It's All in the Detail: Achieving the Passivhaus Standard

2. Integrated Building Design - Parametric Modelling (07.06.2018), London 
An opportunity to hear the opinion of industry experts speaking about the importance of an integrated approach to building design and how Digital Design with parametric modelling is helping to achieve intelligent, smarter and efficient buildings. 


Herman Calleja, Chapman BDSP
Ines Idzikowski, Foster+Partners
Buro Happold SMART Space team

Kindly hosted by Buro Happold Engineering.

You can now watch the video on Twitter at CBN 2 Integrated Building Design - Parametric Modelling

3. Hydrogen as a Fuel for Buildings (13.06.2018), London 
The CIBSE YEPG has organised an evening of interactive discussions and presentations on Hydrogen and its use in buildings.
The event introduced hydrogen and its current position in energy infrastructure and presented a case study of its application in buildings.


Dr. Stephen Carr, Unirvesity of South Wales
Bill Ireland, CEO Logan Energy

Kindly hosted by Hilson Moran.

You can now watch the video on Twitter at CBN 3 Hydrogen as a Fuel for Buildings

4. Post Occupancy Evaluation: Is It All about the Energy? (18.07.2018) Bristol

The CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group and YEN South West joined in a collaborative regional Carbon Bite Night in Bristol.

The event was focused around the topic of Post Occupancy Evaluation with our speakers questioning whether too much emphasis is placed on energy performance over occupant satisfaction and wellbeing. As well as a general background to POE and its challenges, some case studies will also be presented of its application in buildings, and how results from the analysis can result in buildings with better energy management and more comfortable internal environments.


Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, BSRIA
Austen Bates, 3ADAPT

Kindly hosted by Arup at 63 St Thomas Street BS1 6JZ Bristol.

Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre Tour (13.03.2019) - London

A visit to the Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre which is the largest new-build heat network in Europe. It is proposed that the energy centre will provide heat and energy to the businesses and 15,000 future homes on the Peninsula. It is considered to be one of the most significant district heating schemes in the UK. The visit included:
· Tour of the energy centre
· CHP, Boiler and other equipment inspection
· Building Management System and Optic Cloak review
· Rooftop walk and PV system review
· Summary and Q&A
Speaker & Guide: Redmond Drew, MCIPHE (Operations Manager, Pinnacle Power)

YEPG Autumn Games - 25.10.2018

An evening of riddles and technical challenges over some drinks and pizza whilst testing your knowledge of building services, energy and environmental standards.

The event has kindly been hosted by TROX.

YEPG Christmas Quiz - 05 December 2017 (London)

A night of relaxed geeky fun and technical challenges, reminiscing over the best (or worst) moments of 2017 over a few pints, some wine and Pizza! 
The Christmas Quiz has been kindly sponsored by Daikin UK Ltd and TROX UK

Greenwich Peninsula Energy Centre Tour - 04 October 2017 (London)

YEPG Summer Games - 08 August 2017 (London)

An evening of geeky puzzles and technical challenges while welcoming the new YEPG committee of 2017-2018 over some drinks and nibbles and testing your knowledge of all things, old an new about buildings, energy and environment.
The event is kindly being hosted by AECOM - with great views of the city.




We have hosted a series of talks, focusing on the Carbon Bites concept.

Each event saw more informative and thought-provoking evenings lined up with spakers covering a range of topics from the WELL standard to the energy efficiency of supermarkets, to special considerations for energy efficiency in listed buildings.

The topics, speakers and dates were as follows:

1. The WELL Standard & Building Tour (London)  (29.03.2017) – Hosted at Cundall's Well certified building, this carbon bite night presented an introduction and interactive discussion of the WELL standard followed by a tour of the building.
Kavita Kumari
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN The Well Standard

2. TM54: Modelling in Practice (Bristol) (10.04.2017) 
Dr Anna Menezes + Kevin Couling + Tom McNeil

3. Environmental and sustainable design (12.04.2017) - Exploring the successes and challenges of employing best practice in real world settings, this carbon bite presents how the boundaries of building design are being pushed to reduce their environmental impact.
Simon Wyatt + Joe Jack Williams

Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Environmental and Sustainable Design

4. Energy efficiency in supermarkets (London) (26.04.2017) - With speakers from both academia and industry, this carbon bite presents the strategies supermarkets are employing to improve their energy efficiency.
Salvador Acha + Brian Cairns
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets

5. Demand Response (London) (10.05.2017) - Speakers at this carbon bite examine the contribution that buildings and their systems can play in helping the National Grid manage peak loads.
Ian Rose + Edwin Carter + Maria Spyrou

Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Demand Response

6.  The Future of Decarbonisation - Gas Vs Electricity (London) (24.05.2017) - A break from the usual format for this series of events, this carbon bite night sees industry experts battle to reach common ground in a debate style evening.
Phil Jones + Huw Blackwell + Elliott More + Barny Evans
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN The Future of Decarbonisation

7. Crafting a Practical Passivhaus (Cambridge) (07.06.2017)
Gwilym Still + Matthew Traub

8.  Energy efficiency in listed buildings (London) (07.06.2017) - Speakers at this carbon bite explore the unique challenges presented when trying to improve building energy efficiency and the different strategies employed to overcome them.
Victoria Herring + Laurence Aston
Watch the video on Twitter at CBN Energy efficiency in listed buildings

9.   Optimal Building Performance (Cambridge) (14.06.2017) 
Dr Yeonsook Heo + Tom McNeil 

10.   Transparent Sustainability (Cambridge) (28.06.2017) 
Tom Spurrier + Joel Gustafsson

11.   Future of District Heating (Cambridge) (05.07.2017) 
Marko Cosic + Bill Watts

SKY GARDEN TOUR - 3 February 2017

By Serena Favatello, Sustainability Consultant at Hilson Moran

The CIBSE YEPG and the multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Hilson Moran organized a breakfast time Tour and Talk at the Sky Garden on top of the 20 Fenchurch Street building in the City of London.

Dan Jestico, former Head of Research & Development at Hilson Moran, talked through the challenges of designing efficient and effective features for this unique space.

The Sky Garden spans over three storeys at the 37th floor of the building and provides a 360° view across the City of London. Thanks to dynamic thermal modeling and CFD analysis, a smart system of automated louvers and apertures has been designed to naturally ventilate the Sky Garden and provide acceptable comfort level for the plants that grow in the space and the visitors. The roof has also been cleverly designed to incoporate a self bearing structure to the roof, provide external shading and guest photovoltaic panels.
The Sky Garden also contributed to the sustainable achievements of the 20 Fenchurch Street building, the ‘Walkie Talkie’ building, which achieved a 31% pass margin over Part L2A of Building Regulations and a BREEAM Excellent rating.
The integrated PV panels system is not the only sustainable source of energy at 20 Fenchurch Street, the building also incorporates the first Fuel Cell to be installed in a commercial development in the City of London, integrated into a Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP) system and support the Mayor of London’s policies on climate change mitigation.

An informative and energising start of the day, which left the attendants enthusiastic about the outcomes that a challenging and attentive building design can achieve.

YEPG BIG FAT QUIZ OF THE YEAR - 28 November 2016 (London)



We have hosted a series of talks, focusing on the Carbon Bites concept.

Each event saw two speakers covering the background (context; headline points of interest; current challenges & opportunities; common shortfalls, failings or misconceptions) and a project specific example (application; a case study or similar) in relation to a particular theme of interest for the Built Environment and Energy Performance in particular.

The topics, speakers and dates were as follows:

1. Legal Background of Building Energy Performance Requirements (09.03.2016) – where does all the regulation come from and how much of what we do is driven by it (EPBD, BRUKL, EPC, DEC, ESOS, etc.)
Hywel Davies + Netza Jack
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Energy Performance

2. District Heat Networks (23.03.2016) – major area of focus in London and many other parts of the UK
Phil Jones + Chris Grainger 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - District Heating Systems

3. Controls (06.04.2016) - basics & impact of, importance of end user interaction w. building and environment, criticality of good/simple/intuitive design
Nicola Combe + Ben Brakes 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Controls

4. Metering (20.04.2016) - sub-metering, TM39, BBP Toolkit, links back to benchmarks, control, understanding of building performance
Quentin Babcock + Peter Tse 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Metering

5. Post Occupancy Evaluation (04.05.2016) - importance of end user, understanding what worked previously and how it could be improved in the future
Tom Kordel + Lisa Pasquale 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Post Occupancy Evaluation 

6. Energy Performance Benchmarks (18.05.2016) – what's out there, they're really old and need updating, other sources (i.e. not just CIBSE TM46.Guide F), building specific benchmarks for clients
Maria Spyrou + Karim Dada 
The slides for the event are available here: Carbon Bite Night - Benchmarking


Carbon Bite Night in Bristol: Behaviour and Energy Management (06.04.2016)

This event was kindly hosted by AECOM and examined the often misunderstood role of behaviour in the energy performance of buildings, as well as the relationship between increasing automation and occupants' satisfaction. The slides presented by Phil Hampshire (Buro Happold) and Kevin Couling (AECOM) can be downloaded from here: Carbon Bite Night - Behaviour and Energy Management


Looking for the presentations from the great 2014 summer series? Check out the links below: