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Building Services 101 - Oktoberfest 2016

Download the presentations:

Mechanical Services 101 Presentation

Hydraulic Services 101 Presentation

Electrical Services 101 Presentation

Fire Protection Services 101 Presentation

As building services engineers, we’ve realised a growing number of people that we work with in project teams don’t realise what building services engineers actually do. Classic example - it’s not likely that the mechanical engineer on your project can figure out why your car won’t start & be able to fix it!!
Each Wednesday in October saw CIBSE host a seminar for Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Services at the GHD offices in Sydney. The seminars provided the opportunity to gain a high level understanding of what’s incorporated in each building service and the considerations required by each throughout the design development and construction phases.
Ian White (mechanical), Clive Girling (electrical), Roger Chance (hydraulic), Mark Cummings (wet fire) and David Isaac (dry fire) presented the seminars with examples, anecdotes, stories and examples to provide a holistic introduction to each discipline without getting too technical.
Attendees included quantity surveyors, contractors, students, building managers and engineers from various other disciplines.
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The presentations can be downloaded here: <PA add link>
CIBSE NSW extends a big thank you to the GHD Building Services team for hosting the seminar, as well as to our sponsors Constructive for their kind support throughout the year.
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