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Copper Press-Fit Sys and Underfloor Thermal Systems explained

CIBSE SA were treated to a bonus having not one or two; but three experienced speakers who outlined the technical details on the products of piping press-fit jointing and that of underfloor heating at the July technical event.

Conex Maxipro outlined the rigorous testing that is undertaken with their press-fit type copper jointing, a method that is now being considered world-wide as the most convenient, simplest and reliable means of system installation. Such fittings are available for water, gas and refrigeration services, all subject to specific individual testing requirements and identification. Installation was demonstrated by a short video.

Rehau detailed the various piping layout designs and manufacturing provisions that cover the installation of underfloor heating whether applicable to under slab, in slab or within timber floors. A visual display board was of interest to all showing the various type of piping and colour coding with the set up for zoning from manifolds to enable isolation and temperature control. Further assistance was provided by Eckermann Plumbing as designer/installer for such heating systems, with reference to several completed projects, design aids and the choice for heat sources, which can now include heat pumps as one of the most efficient/energy saving means. 

Many thanks to Dave Dickson of Conex Maxipro and Robert Taylor of Rehau for this interesting event and their associated sponsorship.