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The Australian Energy Efficiency and Building Services Jobs Survey

Dear Members,

CIBSE ANZ is working with the Victorian Government on an short, but important survey of the national energy efficiency and building services industry. It it being distributed through over 20 industry associations across the building and energy services market. 
The results of this survey will be used to:
  • demonstrate the significance of our industry to the economy
  • help us engage with Government and better advocate on your behalf
  • help Victorian Government with energy efficiency policy making 
Given how crucial good policy is to our sector, and the current political environment, we strongly encourages all CIBSE members in Australia and New Zealand to complete it. 
The survey takes about 15 minutes (per organisation), if the person completing it has on-hand estimates about the your organisation's energy saving goods and services, the total number of employees in your organisation and a general understanding of their split by role and location.
Please include the number of employees your sub contractors and installers have in your totals, if you have an understanding of these figuresAlternatively please forward the survey link to them and encourage them to complete it too
The link for the survey is here:  
Responses are due by 9am AEST, 3 September 2018.

Those who complete the survey for their business will go into the draw for a $1,000 Visa debit card.