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Vale Jack Pirie (MCIBSE 1939 - 2014)

Jack had a long and full career in the Building Services Industry, more specifically associated with fans from his early days at Woods in the UK, from being a student and lecturer at what was then known as the National College for Heating Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering in London, through to founding, managing and becoming the Chair of Fantech, Australia and New Zealand's largest fan and ancillaries group.

Jack's membership with CIBSE started some fifty years ago, and he became very actively involved with the ANZ Region, serving on the committee for six years and holding the position of ANZ Chair from 2001 to 2003. After serving his terms of office and retiring from the committee, he was always prepared to give assistance and so his business skills and wise counsel were called on many times even by the current committee with Jack playing a major part in the organisation and  ensuring the success of our Region's 25th year celebrations.

Jack always said that that he gained a huge amount from his involvement with CIBSE and it had opened doors that would have otherwise remained closed, however Jack gave back much more than he received and as recognition of his commitment, he was awarded CIBSE's Bronze Medal and was later inducted into the ARBS Hall of Fame.

On a personal note, I had known of Jack since first arriving in Australia in 1995, but it wasn't until Jack's term as Regional Chair, after using his great skills of persuasion to convince me to get involved with the Victorian Chapter of the ANZ Region; that we first became friends.

The celebration of his life took place on the 22nd July, a cold but sunny day, overlooking Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne. His wife Clare and the family were tremendous in their sharing of parts of their lives with Jack and I know that he would have drawn a lot of pride from the way they conducted themselves and the arrangements on the day. In keeping with Jack, some of the recollections were a little irreverent, but the overpowering picture was that of a thoughtful, pragmatic and generous man with a great deal of common sense, never too scared to take a chance, and with a huge amount of love for his family and friends. It was an emotional day but it was also a motivational day, I think Jack would be pleased if he thought that others could draw some inspiration from him to go out and take a chance.

His memory will live on within and outside of the CIBSE ANZ family for many years to come.

Peter Kinsella
CIBSE President (2014-2015)