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About Us

Qatar is expanding with numerous construction projects ongoing and a number being planned, particularly in preparation for the World Cup 2022. 

In infrastructure the construction of a new seaport is in progress and an extensive rail network is due to commence.  In construction the new stadiums for the World Cup are being designed and a considerable number of new hotels, leisure facilities and commercial projects are intended to be implemented over the next 10 years.

All of these projects require the skills of building services engineers.  There are around 80 CIBSE members in Qatar offering Best Practice advice to Clients and promoting the art and science of building services.

The Regional Group here in Qatar has been formed by CIBSE Members to meet and discuss Building Services engineering, exchange views on current projects and technical issues, and review new trends and technologies in the industry. 

Technical seminars and technical presentations are arranged on a regular basis to review Building Services subjects which are of interest to the members and wider for other Engineers in Qatar.  We also visit current project sites on which our members are working to review the design and installations.  In undertaking these seminars and project visits, we hope to promote awareness of CIBSE in Qatar.

We also anticipate that in the future we can undertake wider activities in Qatar such as:

  • Provide CIBSE best practice advice in Qatar to those interested parties.

  • Encourage local Engineers to become new members of CIBSE.

  • Assist CIBSE members with information on CIBSE, membership questions, etc.

  • Establish relationships with various educational institutions in the country to assist high school and university students in building their knowledge on building sustainable designs and its effect on the environment.

The local group is now having regular Core Team Meetings to coordinate activities and increase the awareness of CIBSE in Qatar.  Additionally, members have taken up positions within the Core Team to manage certain activities, as:

Please note that Membership Interviews can now be undertaken in Qatar. If you wish to be interviewed in Qatar please tick Qatar on "interview location" on your membership application form.

If you are interested in being part of the CIBSE Group please contact

CIBSE Signs MOU with Qatar Green Building Council

Peter Kinsella, CIBSE president attended a successful visit to Qatar on 20th May to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC).  The agreement aims to focus and collaborate on joint activities such as events, seminars, publications and educational materials. It will also assist to develop outreach activities on sustainability in the built environment and promote participation in research projects.

CIBSE’s country representative in Qatar, Peter Carew from Astad, will be discussing opportunities to collaborate with the QGBC going forward for the benefit of CIBSE members based in the area. 

More information on Qatar Green Building Council can be found at: