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Region Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Each Region is required to hold an Annual General Meeting before 30 April each year.

  • All Regional members need to be provided with the list of committee nominations for the four Officer roles (Chair, Vice Chair, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer) at least 8 weeks before the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Regional members may submit additional nominations within 21 days of the committee nominations being circulated.
  • Should there be more nominations than positions available, a ballot will be held.
  • All Regional members need to be given at least 21 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting specifying date, time, venue and nature of the meeting.
  • A quorum of 10 members is required at the Annual General Meeting.
  • All paid-up members of a Region are eligible to vote regardless of their grade of membership.
  • The Chair or Vice Chair of a Region must be a corporate member (Licentiate, Associate, Member, or Fellow).
  • The four Officer roles are elected for a one year term and shall retire at each Annual General Meeting where they are eligible for re-election.
  • The Chair shall not hold office for more than three consecutive years.

For more information on your regions Annual General Meeting please contact your committee's Hon Secretary. Their details can be found on the regions designated webpage.