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Trox Seminar - Air Distribution & Eco-Certification

CIBSE YEN London at Trox London Office - 10th September 2014 @ 16:30

Reviewed By: Sarvesh Malhotra

Tucked in the City of London, rushing to the Trox office about 4.30pm, an early start for an event, we the attendees, were warmly welcomed by the YEN host David and the Trox’s team, with a generous smile and a glass of water / can of soft drinks. Before the event, we had a brief chance to experience some of Trox’s air-distribution equipment like linear slot diffusers – 3 and 4 slot types, air plenums – with and without flow controls etc. The hosts ensured that the attendees had good liquid levels, refreshed for the start of the event.

The seminar initiated by an introduction from David Mather, the host, informing regarding the role of YEN in CIBSE, the future events and introducing the speakers with their content for the evening.

The first talk, delivered by Ian Thomas, touched on the various topics including air distribution, various factors affecting the air flow in the space, designs to facilitate effective ventilation to avoid temperature gradient effect on an occupant etc. He further reasoned with the applicability of some of their products and their design capability in satisfying the requirements of a good design.

The succeeding talk, delivered by Pat McAllister, enlightened us on various energy certifications available worldwide with brief discussions on each of their recommendations. It further followed on his research and conference summit on the EPC ratings through which a very imputing statistics came to the forefront concerning homes in the UK; only 8 homes of the 300,000 homes studied had EPC rating of A, which amounts to approx. 0.003%. He continued to share that, although an increased percentage of homes house the EPC ratings B and C, the majority of homes still continue to float under band D and E after completion which is very concerning and presents challenges considering the UK government’s 2016 ‘Zero Carbon’ target for Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH). The end of seminar marked with a conjuring question of the responsibility of all the parties involved including the designers – engineers, architects and deliverers – contractors, sub-contractors in assisting the government achieve their target energy goals while simultaneously delivering a sustainable future.

Succeeding the seminar, we the attendees had a chance to talk with both the speakers discussing concepts and further queries regarding their presented and other technical topics along with networking opportunity with the fellow members. To our delight, we were offered with delicious sandwiches and crisps at the Trox’s office. Stomachs full, we were later treated to pub drinks at The Alice in Houndsditch by the generous Trox team which facilitated socialising with the fellow YEN members. The event concluded with a happy social but educative atmosphere.