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About YEN Scotland

Welcome! We are the CIBSE Young Engineer’s Network, aka YEN!

We welcome engineers at all ages who have just began their career to join us. Our aim is to build a network of engineers and advance the aspirations of CIBSE together. To achieve the aim, it requires a tremendous amount of team work from all YEN regions across the globe! 
The mission for Scotland YEN is to provide opportunities for young engineers to engage in different engineering activities. The YEN committee in Scotland frequently organises events such as technical presentations, product demonstrations, and site visits. Most crucially, we provide a platform for people to express and share their opinions and knowledge in a relaxed and inclusive environment. In addition to that, we encourage our members to get involved in education outreach to promote and attract young people to building services. 
Members of the Scotland YEN committee share the same vision, and work together to deliver our mission. Join us and help us shape the future of the industry!
If you are interested in getting involved in CIBSE Young Engineers in Scotland or have any questions, please contact us on [email protected]