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Requirements for Technical Reports

When applying for admission to Member grade or above, the candidate shall submit a report to substantiate their experience. This has previously been referred to as the design report but is now to be referred to as the Candidate’s Report on Technical Experience (‘Technical Report’).  This reflects the fact that whilst it may describe a candidate’s design activities on a project, it could also describe a forensic investigation and remediation project, a research project or other suitable activities. 

The Technical Report should demonstrate how the applicant’s experience has been of benefit to the facade engineering aspects of a project. Itshould be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length and shall, where appropriate include photographs, sketches, etc. Ideally the Report should concentrate on one major project. However where this is not practical, several projects may be included. 

The majority of the candidate’s involvement in the selected project should have taken place during the last three years. 

  • The Technical Report should clearly demonstrate how the competencies (as identified in the applicant’s competency tick list) have been demonstrated by their activities on the project. 

  • It must explain what the candidate personally did on the project and the decisions they took; the options they considered and why they selected or dismissed these. 

  • In their report, the candidate should illustrate a comprehensive general understanding of all technical aspects of facades to a reasonable level by discussing a variety of aspects of the facades affecting the project e.g. structural behaviour, building physics, detailing, manufacturing, buildability and so on. 

  • The candidate should go into greater detail about one particular specialist facades area of their choosing where their contribution to the project was particularly beneficial. 

  • The candidate should give some critical reflection about what they did - what did the candidate learn in the process? If they were to do the project again, how would they do it better? 

In addition to the above: 

  • The candidate shall also describe their role and level of working as part of a team and how interaction with other professionals benefited the project as a whole and delivered the required technical quality. 

  • The Technical Report shall illustrate a broad understanding of procurement, contracts and commercial considerations – their ability to deliver sound technical advice to meet their client’s commercial context or business needs. 

  • The candidate shall demonstrate their understanding of Professional conduct and ethics - A Professional approach when representing their client’s best interest. 

The Candidate’s Report on Technical Experience shall be countersigned by a person of authority for the project concerned, endorsing it as being an accurate account of the candidate’s role. Contact details for this person shall be given. The Membership Review Panel may contact the candidate and/or the person of authority on the project in order to make further enquiries.