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It is now also possible to apply for MCIBSE CEng status through a tailored Façade Engineering route, which will also grant MSFE status.  This will ensure that at least one interviewer on the panel is a façade engineer familiar with the experience required of façade engineers applying through this route.

The process diagram below considers the Standard Route to obtaining MCIBSE CEng as described in this document.  CIBCE guidance on applications can be found here.  Alternative routes to obtaining MCIBSE CEng are available, though these are not considered in the diagram below.  CIBSE guidance on finding your appropriate grade can be found here.

It should be noted that not all University degrees are accredited by CIBSE, if you are unsure whether your qualifications will be accepted, we recommend contacting [email protected] for further guidance.

When applying through the process described in the above flow diagram, it should be noted that the requirements for SFE Member grade still apply and a separate MSFE Application form will still be required. A separate SFE technical report will not be required.

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