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CPD Webinars

Helping building services engineers to grow, learn and adapt, CIBSE ANZ has made available a library of techncial CPD webinar recordings on a variety specialised topics. These are listed below and free to view on YouTube.

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Breaking It Down: NSW Class 2 Building Industry Reforms
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Air Filtration and ISO 16890
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Circular Economy for Building Services Engineers
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Nuts and Bolts of Gasketed Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchangers
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Pump Technology
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Sustainable Heating Technologies (Part 1, 2 & 3)
CIBSE CPD 180mins

Part 1 
Recorded 25/08/2021

Download slides here

Part 2
Recorded 1/09/2021

Download slides here

Part 3 
Recorded 8/09/2021

Download slides here

Prefabrication and MEP
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 31/8/2021


Building Healthier Homes
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 1/7/2021

Low Energy Humidification Technologies
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 4/5/2021


Young Engineers' Awards 2021 Panel Discussion
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 25/03/2021


Is the Future Gas or Not?
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 23/03/2021

Dehumidification and Drying Psychrometrics
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 18/03/2021

Batteries and Power Grids
CIBSE CPD 60 mins
Recorded 23/02/2021

NZ Building for Climate Change
CIBSE CPD 60 mins

BMS Basics for Consultants
CIBSE CPD 60mins
Download PDF of presentation here

Understanding Fan Performance and System Effects
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Emerging From Lockdown - Safely Reoccupying Buildings
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Download PDF of presentation here

Mitigating the risks of commercial kitchen exhaust systems
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Smoke and Fire Dampers‚Äč
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Pedestrian Lighting
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Structuring your asset information to achieve built outcomes
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Mental Health and Suicide in the Workplace: Where to from here? 
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Education as an Asset Class
CIBSE CPD 60mins


Passive House Buildings – the first step to net-zero‚Äč
CIBSE CPD 60mins

A Day in the Life of a Building Services Engineer
CIBSE CPD 60mins

Four CIBSE Engineers on different paths and with different experiences share their journeys towards a career in building services engineering and open up about their roles.


Airtightness Testing of Buildings 
CIBSE CPD 90 mins

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Acoustics - Let's Talk About Noise 2.0
CIBSE CPD 60 mins

Learn about the science behind Acoustics and pre-emptive considerations for building services design.

Engineering in the Service of a Future We Need
CIBSE CPD 90mins

Engineering teams have a responsibility to actively support the transition of our economy towards a low carbon future. This begins with honestly and loudly declaring a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Thermal Energy Metering Technology
CIBSE CPD 60 mins

Brent Ladbrook provides an overview of what a thermal meter is and insight into how they can be used as a valuable tool for building and facility managers to obtain insight into energy demand and plant efficiency.


Sustainability Concepts in Building Construction
CIBSE CPD: 60 mins

Dr Jane Lai leads a discussion on energy efficiency design and its operational implications. Tools, guidelines, and standards that are extensively used will be explored, including NCC Section J, Green Star, and NABERS.

Ethics Revisited
CIBSE CPD: 90mins

Scott Alden, head of construction and infrastructure and Andrew Morello, Construction and Projects Lawyer at Holding Redlich provide an analysis of engineering disasters and case studies from the past whilst Dr Dimity Podger, director at Barasa Consulting Group offer some guidance for creating positive ethical culture within engineering organisations.

CIBSE Australia and New Zealand Professional Membership Webinar
CIBSE CPD: 30mins
Watch the webinar recording

If you are considering applying for professional membership through CIBSE and registration throubh teh Engineering Council UK this webinar will help you understand the application process  and is tailored for Australia and New Zealand applicants.

You may also be interested in CIBSE's #GrowYourKnowledge series of webinars designed to keep the global building services community connected and learning.

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