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North East Past Presentations

June 2022 - Viking Energy Network Jarrow – River Source Heat Pump Project (online)


January 2022 - Drilling for minewater heat schemes: how not to end up in hot water


1 December - Melanopic lux and how to design lighting to WELL 2

2 November 2021 – The future of heat network: Future proofing network performance and the latest guidance (online)
Slides from the event 2-Nov-2021-Future-proofing-network-performance-and-the-latest-guidance-(1).pdf


20 October 2021 - Energy from wastewater - An efficient way to reduce operating costs for heating and cooling, Steve Miles, Landmark Wastewater Solutions (online)
Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-seminar-Waste-heat.pdf

12 January 2021 - Simulating Thermal Comfort and the Outdoor Environment, Dr. Naghman Khan and Darren Lynch, SimScale (online)
Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-Webinar-12-Jan-SimScale.pdf

18 November 2020 - Low-Temperature Heat Networks and Their Future in the UK, Justin Etherington, BuroHappold (online)
Slides from the event HERE

14 Jan 2020 - Mining for Heat, Dr Charlotte Adams, Durham University
Slides from the event CIBSE-low-res-(1).pdf

2 April 2019 - People, Which domestic water sizing method is best?, Jess Tindall, Northumbria University
Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-April-2019-Oversizing-DCWS-Master-190402

13 February 2019 - Expert Witness Disputes, Gerry Brannigan
Slides from the event CIBSE-North-East-Expert-Witness-Disputes-Gerry-Brannigan-HK

6 December 2018 - People, Places and Projects, Ant Wislon, AECOM
Slides from the event CIBSE-NE-6-12-18PP

25 September 2018 - Near future building performance prediction and long-term climate change adaptation for building, Dr Hu Du
Slides from the event Hu-DU,-Cardiff-University-CIBSE-at-NCL.pdf

10 April 2018 - Clean Growth, Carbon Emissions and Brexit - Dr Hywel Davies
Slides from the event here.

9 February 2018 - Heat pumps and their role in the decarbonising of heat - Prof. Chris Underwood, Northumbria University
Slides from the event here.
7 February 2017 - Behavioural Change in Building Users - Gareth Kane
Gareth Kane presented different approaches to tackling behavioural change in buildings.
Slides from the event are not available.

24 January 2017 - Shale Gas and Oil: Reality, Hope or Hype? - Andy Aplin, Durham University
Andy Aplin of Durham University presented an update on the current UK situation in relation to shale gas extraction.
Slides from the event Aplin-CIBSE-January-2017.pdf
18 October 2016 - Thermography Principles and Limitations - Mohammad Royapoor
Mohammad Royapoor of Newcastle University presented on the topic of thermography and its limitations.
Slides from the event Thermography-principles-and-limitations-CIBSE-NE.pdf

27 September 2016 - Energy Policy Overview - Ant Wilson
Ant Wilson of AECOM presented an overview of national and international energy policy.
Slides from the event EnergyPolicyTECH-Newcastle-CIBSE-NE-27Sept2016-(1).pdf